Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My First Post!

Let me introduce my family to you:
First of all (and most importantly) myself, Angus M. McKee.
AKA: “Angy-baggy-baby-boy”, Angy, You-know-who, Stinker, Him, He or His. What do you think of my mustache? All the girls love it!
(I don't know any other boys that can grow one as good as mine!)

This is Dad. He is very comfortable to lay on, and plays very nicely with me when I ask him. =) Mom and I have nightgowns that match Dads!

Mom is the undisputed Queen of the house, and a nice one if I may say so!
She is comfortable to lay on also, but I don’t do it much ‘cause she says that I smell like a dog. Can you imagine that!?

This is my favorite girl, Adrienne.
She lives with me, and in our new house we will get to share a bedroom!
I already sleep on any of her clothes or pillows that I can get to. =)

And last of all is Fergus Antonio. AKA: Fergie, Fergie cat,
Fergie-burgee-baby-boy, CAT, or even HEY YOU!!!!!!!
He was raised in a barn and has no class, compared to my late Siamese cat brother Gidow.
(baby talk for “get down”)

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