Thursday, May 24, 2012


All these photos were taken December '06 and January '07

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Angus McGregor McKee R.I.P. March 9th, 1998 - January 13th 2010

Hello friends of Angus, Adrienne here- I thought that I should hack into Angus’ blog and tell you what has happened …I will be posting photos over time. The following is a compilation of several things that I wrote over the last week………………..

Hi Sally,
This was my status on Facebook the other day...and today is the day. =(

"Not such a good day so far- I am typing with one hand because Angus bit me again. I think that this is the last time. (if you know what I mean)"

Well, after a LOT of discussion, (for months now) I think that Dad will take him to the vet around the corner to put him down. We think that Angus' own Vet would try to make us feel like very bad parents. This has been a VERY hard decision to make. =(

He will be 12 at the beginning of March..that is old...his teeth,eyes,ears, bladder or kidneys & joints are going, and everything scares him, you can't cut his hair or bathe or brush him.(the list is longer- terriers are stubborn you know- it only gets worse the older they get) I think the reason that Angus bit me today is because his hair (I guess) got caught in the leash when I tried to take it off.

He also walked off the side of the porch on Monday night- got his neck stretched. He knows that you walk to the edge and steps appear. (But Dad did not realize that!) Angus knows- he voluntarily told Mom and I good bye last night- gave us kisses...and he told Perla good bye this morning and kissed her too. (and he does NOT go around kissing people!)

Angus McGregor McKee R.I.P. March 9th, 1998 - January 13th 2010

When will the tears be gone? I am guessing when the sweetness of his life dulls.

I never thought about his getting old- he has always looked and acted like a puppy- except for the last year and then really down hill in the last month, and faster in the last week.

Angus was a really good friend of mine, a best friend really. I told him almost every thing, (talking to him all the time- Mom would say “what?“ & I would say “I was talking to Angus!“) and he helped me cook, do laundry, play the piano and sew, to name a few.

(Fergie Cat knows that I am sad tonight and is being very sweet….)

I used to sing special songs- “our songs” to Angus…I could tell that he liked it. He loved to play “peak-a-boo”, chase, and squeak toys! (he loved to fetch over and over again) His “tricks” were to shake hands, “Joyful Jennifers” and “Stick ’em up- bang, bang”.

Angus had a huge vocabulary, and his favorite baby sitters where the Bulloks.

If he really loved you and thought of you as family, then he would ask you to take him out-- --I think that his most favorite person was Rachel Hale.

I’ll leave you with our favorite quote about him…
”Mrs. McKee, you have a cute dog” - Isaac Rockett

Goodbye old man……I will pretend that you never bit me……

“I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening, and underneath the moon…”

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photos of me!

Somehow I get the feeling that I was not the reason for the picture.
I sooo needed a trip to the barber - it is just too hot to snuggle down for a nap…
I invented a new game! In which I get to pat Dad’s face
while he tries to take a nap. =) (we thought that it was funny!)
Getting one’s hair cut is very exhausting. But definitely worth it!
My girls went to Washington D.C. last year, and they road/drove up with four other people! The person that I liked best was my pal Sal!
I have to let her know (every once in a while) who is the top dog around here.
(In case you missed it- it’s me!)
I was happy to have the girls home- I like the company.
Even though I don’t eat as well.
(Dad treats me if Mom is not around)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

.....and Fergie!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Please don't poke my eyes out! ~ I need my eyes!!!!
(this is Kyle Hutchins 8-8-08)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On Valentines Day 2008....

You will never guess what!?!?!? I met Kathryn Beeman! She is the smallest baby I have seen in like 8 years. Confession: I LOVE babies! =)

(Imagine a bashful Goofy chuckle) See how she is lifting her head to see me better?
(= She likes me! =)

Oh please Rachel, May I please KISS her? She wants me to! =)

(I can’t quite reach from here, even though I put a paw in her lap.)

I’ll try from here… one else will ever know if I really kissed My Dear Sweet Kathryn or not!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My First Post!

Let me introduce my family to you:
First of all (and most importantly) myself, Angus M. McKee.
AKA: “Angy-baggy-baby-boy”, Angy, You-know-who, Stinker, Him, He or His. What do you think of my mustache? All the girls love it!
(I don't know any other boys that can grow one as good as mine!)

This is Dad. He is very comfortable to lay on, and plays very nicely with me when I ask him. =) Mom and I have nightgowns that match Dads!

Mom is the undisputed Queen of the house, and a nice one if I may say so!
She is comfortable to lay on also, but I don’t do it much ‘cause she says that I smell like a dog. Can you imagine that!?

This is my favorite girl, Adrienne.
She lives with me, and in our new house we will get to share a bedroom!
I already sleep on any of her clothes or pillows that I can get to. =)

And last of all is Fergus Antonio. AKA: Fergie, Fergie cat,
Fergie-burgee-baby-boy, CAT, or even HEY YOU!!!!!!!
He was raised in a barn and has no class, compared to my late Siamese cat brother Gidow.
(baby talk for “get down”)